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In its most general sense, an annuity is an agreement for one person or organization to pay another a stream or series of payments. Usually the term “annuity” relates to a contract between you and a life insurance company, but a charity or a trust can take the place of the insurance company.

There are many categories of annuities.
They can be classified by:

✔ Nature of the underlying investment – fixed or variable

✔ Primary purpose – accumulation or pay-out (deferred or immediate)

✔ Nature of pay-out commitment – fixed period, fixed amount, or lifetime

✔ Tax status – qualified or nonqualified

✔ Premium payment arrangement – single premium or flexible premium

These videos are for educational purposes. I represent many of the top carriers available. I will review your unique situation and be able to offer you a variety of carrier products and plans to choose from.


Buying An Annuity
Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Fixed Indexed Annuity

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